What The Fuck, America?


Where to start with this perfect storm of bullshit? Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent yet Trump claimed the election would be rigged; he was right, but it wasn't rigged against him. Instead, the Republicans have been waging war on voters, making sure only their kind of people are able to vote. In North Carolina, holy shit, where state Republicans specifically sought information on how people of color vote most so they could remove those voting methods, the GOP sent out an asshole press release crowing about how fewer Blacks were voting thanks to their efforts.

Of course, this is the first national election since the Supreme Court struck down the most important parts of the Voting Rights Act by saying, essentially, racism is probably over, and if it isn't, the feds are going to need to prove it. Of course a bunch of states went and tried to prove it by acting like racist assholes, putting in brand-new voting restrictions like crazy, only some of which had time to be declared unconstitutional by the courts before the election.

If you're wondering about the Republican National Committee restrictions, they've been in place since the 1980s when the RNC was caught suppressing the minority vote so blatantly even the courts had to notice. That was then, this is now, of course.

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