What The Fuck, America?


The Trump administration has decided to ignore the law Congress passed last July to sanction Russia, or, more specifically, companies doing business with Russia's military, claiming that just the existence of the law itself is convincing Russia to play nice, so no further action is needed. This despite the fact that Mike Pompeo, Trump's apointee to head the CIA, says Russia is not playing nice.

I was surprised to find that it's not just acceptable but standard operating procedure for the Executive Branch to ignore any laws it doesn't like; evidently it's a cherished part of our government, as opposed to those namby-pampby European parliamentary systems. So there's actually nothing wrong with Trump doing this.

Of course the question then becomes, why does Trump's executive enforce some laws and not others? Why is DACA an unconstitutional overreach of the Executive (as Jefferson Beauregard Forrest Adolf Sessions would have it) but letting various profiteers off the hook on dealing with Russian gangsters is hunky dory? Especially when these sanctions were passed by Trump's own party?

Could it be some of these profiteers are...friendly?...with members of Trump's team? Or Trump himself?

Surely nyet.

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