What The Fuck, America?


Civilian oversight of the military was just making America weak. A laughingstock! But not now, oh no, now we're finally respected the world over.

It's actually a good thing that the Senate—even members of the Armed Services Committe like Lindsey Graham—had no idea we had so many troops in Niger or why. I mean, Graham doesn't even know that he's supposed to oversee military operations. "The military determines who the threats are, they come up with the engagement policy and if we don't like what the military does, we can defund the operation." Um, are you sure there isn't something somewhere about the role of Congress vis-à-vis the military? Something about, I don't know, declaring war, maybe?

Given that Congress doesn't seem to know what it's supposed to be doing, it makes sense that the President would have unilateral power to start nuclear armageddon. So it's good news, right, that the bombers are going back on high alert? Wait, maybe they're not.

I guess everything will be ironed out once North Korea blows us all up.

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