What The Fuck, America?


In recent foreign-diplomacy-by-Twitter, Trump tried to start a new nuclear arms race, which I guess is okay, since we won the last one by outspending the Russians and we can do it again, presumably even with our economy in the toilet.

When Trump asked why we can't use nuclear weapons I wondered aloud if maybe he wasn't touching on a really good question: If we can't use nukes, why do we keep them around? This is actually a very important and worthwhile conversation we should be having as a nation—as a planet—and I'm still holding on to a vague hope that Trump's Presidency is actually a really long-range plan to finally achieve nuclear disarmament worldwide. Wouldn't that be cool?

Unlikely? Yes.

More likely this is all just Trump working with the Russians for a new arrangement in which they can credibly threaten any common enemies the two might have. The Chinese come to mind most easily, but there's also Iran, the rebels in Syria, maybe Pakistan. Should be interesting, and by interesting I mean there's in my pants.

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