What The Fuck, America?


A mini-industry sprung up on Twitter overnight for mocking various pundits who decided, against all possible evidence, that Trump's speech to Congress was "presidential". Lowering the bar, normalizing, whatever the fuck. It's a fun time, watching as we all jump up and down on idiots on the Twitter, yes.

It really bugs me that Trump supporters are stupid enough to believe—not to mention state out loud—that he respects our military. This is based almost entirely on the fact that he salutes getting off his fucking plane and Obama didn't, or didn't every time, or this one time did it with his coffee cup in his hand, or whatever, all despite the fact that the President is not supposed to salute anyone because he's civilian, not military, and civilians don't salute. Reagan—fucking Reagan—started this bullshit but I'm willing to forgive him (just this once) because he was in the military and maybe just did it out of habit. Same with George H.W. Bush and (as desultory as his service was) George W. Bush. And Bill Clinton, well, whatever. No one complained when W saluted while holding a dog or anything, but since we're big on picking apart every last detail of Obama's behavior at all times.... Seriously, fuck this noise.

Trump doesn't respect the military. He knows, and has said as much, that soldiers are losers who don't have the brilliance and greatness that he exudes. POWs are losers, and so on. He signed off on a military operation over dinner and then tweeted about an upcoming interview appearance while Chief Ryan Owens died.

Then Trump went on TV and blamed the failed Yemen raid on Obama and the military, and that was after Spicey claimed no one can criticize the operation without also criticizing the dead sailor.

After hiding behind Owens, then Trump went on TV with his latest speech and hid behind his widow. He essentially said, critique what I did to get him killed, and you critique him, and her.

All of which is disgusting, but only slightly worse than all the assholes who fell for it.

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