What The Fuck, America?


It's not unprecedented (or even unpresidented) that an incoming administration would dismiss everyone holding an appointed position in the executive branch. It's actually expected. However, new administrations usually grant extensions if requested, and sometimes even hold on to previous appointees for some time, to allow the transfer to go smoothly and allow these departments to continue their vital work. Not our guy Trump, though. He's just firing everyone! It's probably not too big a deal except he's also tossing the people in charge of America's nuclear infrastructure and he hasn't even breathed a word about a replacement. Given Trump's public statements about nuclear weapons this is especially worrisome. Does he even know which department handles them?

But the real mess is the handling of the Congressional confirmation hearings for at least six of Trump's cabinet appointees: The hearings are all scheduled on the same day, along with his first press conference since July—JULY—and the first budget resolution of the new Congress, which includes the destruction of the Affordable Care Act (which, yes, is Obamacare). On top of which suddenly the GOP doesn't care about background checks for appointees, ethics disclosures, or much of anything else.

In addition to all that crap, the GOP-controlled Congress has also passed the REINS Act, which allows Congress to override the rulings of any regulatory agency—so long, corporate or financial accountability—and the Holman Rule, allowing them to effectively dismiss individual civil servants—good-bye anyone who works on renewable energy or vaccine statistics or anything progressive.

And then, of course, there are gold-plated underpants.

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