What The Fuck, America?


As usual right-wingers are backing into the correct stance, best exemplified by Trump's asking if Washington or Jefferson are next. Why not? We should totally rethink Washington. Jefferson, too, and Hamilton, and all those guys. Why not? Seriously Truth & Reconciliation all of it. Reckon with the real history of the United States. Start teaching it. Pay reparations. Make it as good and right as we possibly can.

We probably won't. It'll be easier to drift into the new 1970s, elect a Carter, watch white people forget once more, elect a Reagan, there we go again.

I'd need to be more of a historian to put it in proper context but Abraham Lincoln really did say that the white race suffers from the presence of the Black race. He also really did sign off on the hanging of 38 Dakota men after military show trials but it could've been worse. Originally it was 393.

As for those so-called Confederate monuments, Taber Andrew Bain did some legwork on the subject. Yeah, they really were mass-produced, mostly in Northern factories, cheaply and shoddily, and mostly erected just before the Great Depression in order to create a fake history and intimidate Black people. They're junk.

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