What The Fuck, America?


I don't think we should bag on Trump for ordering a military raid, at least any more than we might regardless of who ordered it; and I don't think we can blame him for poor preparation for it because the guy's the President, he's not supposed to know everything about a military operation; even the most competent chief executive has to rely on people regarding all the details. So it's not just that a SEAL was killed or a helicopter scuttled; my concern is that little American girl, Nawar al-Awlaki. Her father and 16-year-old brother—both American citizens—were already assassinated in separate operations approved by President Obama. It's heartbreaking that any children anywhere are killed for any reason but this whole mess of interlocking killings is just too ugly.

Moving on, we know the Trump administration is made up of serial fabulists but they keep trying to top themselves. Kellyanne Conway's latest fabrication of a terrorist attack on Bowling Green, Kentucky which not only never happened but never even came close to happening is sui generis, but of course it won't make a difference to anything operationally. At least we get to see Kellyanne's brilliant and improving performance of aggrieved petulance as everyone on Twitter piles on the mockery.

Meanwhile, noted white supremacist and Number One Dickhead Steve Bannon will be going to meetings of the National Security Council's Principals Committee, despite lacking the credentials to be principal of anything more important than a kindergarten of bonobos, along with mega-asshole Jared Kushner, who is if anything less capable. Don't get me wrong here—the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are probably jerks, too, and lord knows bumblefucks in their positions have led this country into serious fuck-ups countless times over the years, but at least those guys have a shot at knowing what's going on, while Bannon and Kushner basically don't know how to do anything but shit money.

Which means now is the perfect time for Trump to get on the phone and threaten Mexico with invasion, hang up on Australia (wherever that is), and put Iran on notice. And then have a little sweet chat with Putin which, oopsie, just didn't get recorded. I'm sure they didn't discuss anything of importance, such as what the fuck Putin is doing trying to annex all of Ukraine.

Rogue and protest Twitter accounts are proliferating as Trump orders tweets shut down.

And, finally, here's a note about the UC Berkeley protests and some words from Robert Reich.

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