What The Fuck, America?


The CIA and the FBI, in a rare moment of being on the same page, both stated that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. I'm not saying the CIA and the FBI never lie—that would be stupid—but at the very least someone should try and figure out if they're telling the truth. I mean, it's obvious that Russian operatives are always trying all kinds of stuff—and, yes, the United States is, too—but the question is, did anything they did actually have an effect? That the Russians (and the Chinese, and the Bulgarians, and the Birchers, and everyone else) are trying to do bad stuff is a given; the question is, was any of it effective?

Trump, naturally, turned a 180 here, from 2010 when he said "there should be like death penalty or something" for Julian Assange to now, when he's singing the praises of Assange and WikiLeaks and, oh yeah, planning on firing a whole bunch of intelligence operatives and rebuilding the agencies in his image.

Part of which is appointing Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to national security adviser, a position which does not require anyone's approval, from which he'll be able to spew his evil bigotry against Muslims (with whom he is convinced we are engaged in a "world war") and presumably keep peddling his insane conspiracy theories. Obviously the trouble isn't the Russians, it's the Muslims! DUH.

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