What The Fuck, America?


I couldn't help but notice, reading the transcript of Trump's speech to the United Nations General Assembly today, that he uses "sovereign" or "sovereignty" quite a few times. More than "prosperity", more than "security", more than "peace". What do you think he means by that? In front of the United Nations I think this is probably his attempt to send a clear message to the world, but especially to the rabid Alex Joneses backing Trump, that the United States will not take orders from the One World Government types of the U.N.

If you combine that with Trump's outright threatening the destruction of North Korea, and not much less towards Iran, you've got a recipe for nuclear proliferation. Because what's going to stop the biggest and most ridiculously overfed military operation from steamrolling over you except your own nuclear deterrent? Note Trump had to brag about how much more we're spending on our military.

And that's not even taking into account Trump's denigrating the hard-won Iran Deal. It's difficult enough getting countries to agree on anything; if no one can trust the biggest bully in the room at all nothing's ever going to get off the ground.

Except maybe nuclear tipped missiles.

But that's the Asshole-in-Chief approximately 15 percent of Americans want, a petty schoolyard dickhead throwing tantrums and telling all the pantywaist loser terrorists and leaders how tough he is. Because they've got some NFL-addled Michael Bay movie-based idea of how international relations should work.

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