What The Fuck, America?


The meeting itself was bad enough, a clear front in the war to hypocritically crush state and local law under the federal boot heel—which project I generally approve of, except this set of federales sucks so bad—which I guess is the point of delineating federal and state powers—purely because some states and cities refuse to cooperate with the new Brownshirts of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. So Trump gets together with some yes-men and -women to fulminate about how safety and security are being undermined by Democrats, and that's bad, but then Trump characteristically makes it worse by referring to immigrants as animals.

Of course all the apologists have jumped to defend this position; I even had one asshole on Twitter tell me that I must have used the same phrase myself in the past and I should get off my soapbox. I will never cease to be amazed at how small-minded people cannot even conceive of anyone's mind not being as small as theirs.

Anyway, fuck the apologists for these assholes. I know we're all supposed to be so cynical that we shouldn't expect even lip service towards the ideals of the United States, even from the President, but fuck that, too. I'm a fucking Boy Scout; there's still some idealism in here.

[Editor's note: I get the irony of a talking animal strip trying to handle this topic with any gravity.]

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