What The Fuck, America?


Yes, Trump is that bad. Although, hey, maybe it didn't happen and I'm just willing to believe it because...I've seen Trump? For almost thirty years now?

As per Wikipedia, "Wilson is known for her large and colorful hats, of which she owns several hundred", which is totally cool with me—not that it has to be, I'm no arbiter of anything—except that I'm a big fan of elected officials being human beings. Fun hats? Yes!

But I have to admit it make the story harder to float in Trump Country. Not that it matters but give them anything to mock and they will.

Trump, for his part, has doubled and quadrupled down, first claiming Obama didn't call the families of fallen soldiers, then dragging in his chief of staff's deceased son, all the while saying he was going to write letters and call any minute now; all of which was followed by his disastrously heartless call to Sergeant La David T. Johnson's family and then denying their account of the call and claiming to have "proof" that his version is correct. Which he does not have, of course.

This whole thing is head-spinningly wrong, largely because it's so easy to get right. All Trump had to do was make a few phone calls, maybe some personal appearances, and behave roughly like a normal human from Plant Earth. And yet somehow that's entirely beyond him.

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