What The Fuck, America?


We're talking about the stupid fucking Nunes memo so it worked: We're talking about the chaff and we're going to get hit by the missile. It's clear the memo is bullshit (even RedState's figured it out) but it's not even intended in good faith; it's intended to excite the assholes who already "know" Trump is being "undermined" by forces within the government supposedly loyal to the Communist Cerebrus that is Soros-Obama-Hillary (presumably Bill's the dog's dick). I won't link to the usual right-wing sources but you can find them if you want. Or you can check in on Twitter and see what the MAGA fuckwits are repeating.

What's really great about this is having Republicans rewrite the rules of government on the fly to allow them to do whatever they wanted to do anyway while Democrats keep following all the ponderous laws, rules, norms, and other bullshit, as if somehow by keeping up appearances they'll win some fantastic victory in the end. I'm not saying I want anyone hurt but when you're standing around saying, "We can't disprove anyone's lies because that's classified," what we need is someone willing to say FUCK IT and release the truth. Because at this rate there won't be anything left to protect.

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