What The Fuck, America?


We're always hearing about the lobsters and the T-bone steaks. There's always someone who saw somebody on line at the supermarket buying this great stuff (personally I find T-bones more effort than they're worth; give me a ribeye or skirt steak any day) and how dare they and first of all, fuck you for judging them, and second, the idea that SNAP recipients are living high on the hog is a myth. Fact is, SNAP is a program which more than pays for itself and is relied upon by many people.

For some reason, too, we feel like rich people deserve free stuff. In my home state here Chris Christie gave Panasonic $102.4 million in tax credits to move a few towns west. Other companies get tax subsidies while they're polluting the environment. Companies walk away from Superfund sites with no financial liabilities.

Meanwhile the Koch brothers are looking at over a billion dollars in tax savings from the recent GOP tax plan. Yet no one will complain about all the congrassholes, TV and radio ads, and lobster and T-bones they're going to buy with that money. Why not? Are they job creators? I guess, if you're thinking of Mexican or Chinese jobs. Hey, David Kock, are you buying queso blanco and spare ribs with our hard-earned cash?

This is no different from the usual Republican thing but it is turned up to 11. You think sending SNAP recipients boxes of food sounds stupid and inefficient, but you forget it creates a space where the Republican government can funnel money to their cronies to supply the boxes.

You might want to read up on government cheese, too.

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