What The Fuck, America?


I'm 47 years old. I've lived within sight of the Empire State Building my whole life. You can argue I haven't been paying attention—and you'd probably be right—but until recently I haven't felt this overwhelming sense of injustice. We all know life isn't fair and I don't think I ever believed it was, exactly, but until now I've never seen so much malfeasance, so much evil, going unanswered at such high levels of power. The world is supposed to be improving, always improving, but this is some serious backsliding. I want to shake someone. Undocumented immigrants, citizens, Americans, except for some paperwork, are being picked up from courthouses or snatched while dropping their children at school; meanwhile the corrupt adult children of our unelected White House Occupant destroy the government and strip it for parts.

I'm absolutely convinced none of them will ever suffer a single consequence of their banal evil. Trump will wrap up his term, fail to be reelected, and they'll all be quiet for a little while; and then they'll be back, on talk shows, giving speeches, running for office, advising others in the tick & leech class, writing op-eds, and so on. We created them. We're stuck with them.

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