What The Fuck, America?


After pretending that President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court didn't count, Senator Chuck "Fuck You" Grassley allowed Asshole-in-Chief's nominee Neil Gorsuch to come to a vote, which vote was of course filibustered by Democrats.

Now, if you know what a filibuster is you probably think you're up on parliamentary procedures, but in fact you're a piker, because there's way more than that, and like the asshole at the town council meeting with the copy of Robert's Rules of Order in his pocket, the Republicans know them all and—more importantly—know how to change them on the fly to fuck over their opponents, which include the Democrats, lowercase-d democracy, and anyone who is not their wealthy donors.

You can read up on the nuclear option if you like but the short version is, people thought voting should work one way, but the Senate is allowed to make up its own rules for itself, and Nixon agreed but suggested maybe the only limit on that is that the Senate shouldn't make rules which would prevent future Senates from making rules, and everyone thought that was just dandy, and anyway, it's all bullshit of one kind or another.

I'm not a conspiracy nut by nature but the Democrats seem to fail so totally at governance so often I have to wonder if maybe they just have a secret definition of winning, perhaps involving personal wealth or maybe job prospects.

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