What The Fuck, America?


Whew. This is going to be a tough one.

Health care is complex. Health care in the United States is insane. The Republican's attempt to destroy the AHA—with the simultaneously confusing and Orwellian name of the American Health Care Act—is insanely complex, much like the AHA itself. So this is a difficult topic to work out—it's basically impossible for a normal human to simply read the legislation and have any idea what it does.

Thankfully, we have the internet, and access to experts to explain. Timothy Jost at the Health Affairs Blog has a good basic write-up. Alan Rappeport at the New York Times has details about the tax cuts involved in the AHCA.

The Republican Representatives straight up snuck cases of Bud Light into the Capitol to celebrate this stupid legislation. May they all choke on that crap.

Meanwhile I'm sure it's completely coincidental that health insurance companies, which have been blaming the ACA for losses, are actually more profitable than ever. Their ACA exchange policies aren't a profit center, however, and that irks them, despite showing gains year-over-year.

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