What The Fuck, America?


Trump continues to show a staggering lack of empathy, and not even the regular lack of empathy one would expect from a career asshole, but the full-blown inability even to pretend for the sake of appearances, which is pretty amazing.

Even by the admittedly insanely low standards of his supporters Trump is failing, tweeting about actual fake news and getting lost in the weeds calling football players names. I mean, I guess that still hits the sweet spot—afflicting the low-end elites who have the temerity to suggest the U.S. isn't ALL AWESOME ALL THE TIME—but there have got to be some Trump supporters in Puerto Rico (not that they can vote for President), Texas, and Florida who are in a bad way and won't see help from our Tweeter-in-Chief.

It's probably too much to call Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Trump's Katrina. Heck, Katrina wasn't even really Bush's Katrina—dude's still getting paid six figures to share wisdom nuggets like "Evil is real" and "Bowling is fun". But here's hoping these storms wash Donald down the sewer of history.

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