What The Fuck, America?


The civil war in Syria is absolutely heartbreaking. It began in Daraa with some high school kids being tortured by Assad's cousin and since then has steamrolled over almost half a million people while turning Syria into the latest Great Powers battleground. The United States and Russia are probably closer to exchanging nuclear weapons than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, but this time there are nothing but madmen running the launch buttons. And children are being carried out of the rubble.

You can say "that's war" if you like but it's fucking stupid.

I don't know what to hope for. When I read history, I wonder why no one at the time was able to stop what was happening; at least there I can say to myself, it's in the past, nothing can be done. It's another thing entirely to watch it happening in real time, watch people setting themselves up in ideologically stupid positions, wrangling about tribal affiliations—"If the United States is against someone then I have to be on their side!"—get video in real time of innocent people's suffering.

I don't know the right thing but I'm fairly sure the wrong thing is ignoring the Constitution and allowing the President to engage in war without approval. It's not much—when it matters Congress suddenly turns into a rubber stamp factory—but it's something. At least let the man I send to Washington tell Trump to go stick his head in a pig, even if all the rest of the swamp votes YEA.

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