What The Fuck, America?


As usual, the first two panels contain near exact quotes from the Orange Meanie himself. I'm not sure how anyone can stand behind a leader who accuses entire departments under his own authortity of corruption, but here we are. And not only is he full of shit on the corruption charges—is there really any corruption of consequence in our immigration courts? I mean, beyond how evil the whole damned system is I imagine it's full of people doing their decent best—he's really lying about how many immigration judges there are and how different the U.S. system is from other countries. Of course it's a major tenet of democracies everywhere that even non-citizens should be treated fairly. Not so much in the U.S. especially lately, but still.

Meanwhile ICE can't find 1,475 children it put into some kind of foster care in Arizona alone. Are they still alive? Sex slaves somewhere? As vile dishonorable worm and White House chief of staff John Kelly said, "whatever".

[Late addition: If you want some background to respond to "This started under Obama," start here.]

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