What The Fuck, America?


I keep hearing that we need to be careful about distractions—that Trump's evil stance on white supremacy is just a distraction from his evil stance on militarism, for example. But it doesn't look to me as if anyone is getting distracted. We're keeping up okay. So hot on the heels of Trump's hilariously disastrous speeches on American white supremacists—which came a short time after his dangerously stupid statements on North Korea and China—we find ourselves dealing with an unrelated but also evil speech, this time on Afghanistan and the war we've been waging there for 17 [sic] years. That the President of the United States could misstate how long our longest war has been going should tell you something, and it ain't good.

The new plan is to fully commit to the War in Afghanistan although, geez, I kind of thought we'd done that already, more than once. Fact is close to 4000 American troops have already fully committed their lives to the war there. Anyway, Trump says as of now "we will fight to win", although details are scant, because we don't want anyone knowing our plans, least of all American citizens, I guess. Basically Trump says "we will no longer use American military might to construct democracies in faraway lands, or try to rebuild other countries in our own image", which, let's be honest, we haven't really tried. What we have been doing is funnelling money to war profiteers and local strongmen. We are also going to stop "asking others to change their way of life" but we'll partner with them—which sounds exactly like our approach to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other dictatorships we like to cuddle up with. So...no real change, then.

In the meantime, civilian casualties have been increasing.

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