What The Fuck, America?


It's kind of unbelievable but it looks like Trump is going to keep his own personal security force even after being sworn in as President. In a season of amazingly scary shit this is some of the scariest shit. Politico goes on a bit about how it's inefficient and maybe less secure but fuck that—what's really bad is having an armed security force answerable to the head of the executive branch and no one else. I don't think it's possible for any student of history to stress just how fucking dangerous that is.

That Trump's own personal Sturmabteilung (that's German for Stormtrooper, by the way, and if you only know Stormtroopers as cool-looking but incompetent movie bad guys I suggest you do some reading like the rest of us did back around 1986 when we put down our action figures) has already been used to enforce Dear Leader's own whims at rallies and appearances, which is seriously frightening; but almost as bad is that Number One Asshole Keith Schiller—Christ, doesn't anyone even care how this looks?—has his own insane Twitter account and a fucking fan base.

You probably thought everybody but a few stupid skinheads hates the Nazis these days. But you were wrong.

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