What The Fuck, America?


It is surprisingly true that Trump has signed more legislation in his first 100 days than any President since Truman. Of course, saying "since Truman" carefully leaves out FDR, and any Presidents before FDR don't count because no one cared about 100 days before him—an idea Trump came around to when it was clear his 100-day record totally fucking blows.

Because, yes, Trump has signed more literal pieces of legislation into effect than anyone since Truman, but those laws are hilariously worthless, like naming an outpatient clinic in Pago Pago and appointing citizen regents to the Smithsonian board. Only thirteen laws are really remotely serious and that's only because they're all removal of bureaucratic rules from the final six months of Obama's last term. For example, Trump rolled back the Volks rule, which was enacted to allow OSHA to enforce an earlier rule regarding record keeping on employee injuries and illnesses. Evidently companies can simply fail to keep records and if no one notices within six months, there are no consequences whatsoever. You can see how that's vital to the success of American business, and how the Volks rule has really been holding industry back...since it was enacted on December 16, 2016, three and a half months ago.

The really important thing here, though, is that Trump is trying to turn his frown upside down, using his 100-day failure rate as an excuse to grab more power for the GOP by having the Senate ditch the filibuster entirely.

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