What The Fuck, America?


You might think, if you get your health insurance through work, that Trumpcare isn't your problem. You'd be wrong. Aside from simply increasing costs across the board, the AHCA would also charge you for "lapsed" coverage, which is to say you'd be extra screwed if you lost your job and the insurance with it. Of course, you can "choose" to pay COBRA—which sounds like a choice until you've seen the cost of COBRA. So unless you "chose" to be fucking wealthy, you're "choosing" to pay extra for health insurance when you finally do get back on board.

Trumpcare also drops the individual mandate in the name of LIBERTY [confetti falls from roof], in this case the liberty to only get insurance when you're sick, meaning, of course, that the cost of insurance will have to go up for everyone. Which is why there's an individual mandate in the first place.

Trumpcare also drops the employer mandate, meaning employers can just drop coverage if they feel like it. That's more LIBERTY right there [balloons float down]. What this means is more people buying insurance for themselves, which means more lapses in coverage, more chances to be denied for pre-existing conditions, and so on.

Keeping things interesting, Trumpcare also ditches Obamacare's subsidies, turning them into tax credits. Tax credits are great...if you're already wealthy. If you're not, tax credits fucking suck, because who has money to float on health insurance? Plus the tax credits will be less, overall, than the Obamacare subsidies, so they'll not only be going to the wrong people, they'll be weaker.

It's almost stupid at this point to note that the whole reason we got Obamacare was because the free market had failed miserably to provide affordable health insurance for enough people (which optimally would be everyone). Trumpcare takes us back to this "free" market only with added dumb.

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