What The Fuck, America?


Donald Trump gave a speech in Poland the other day and really the first half of it isn't bad—I even learned a thing or two about Poland from it—and I'm part Polish, I'm not hopelessly ignorant of the country—but check Jeet Heer's analysis for the second half where Trump wanders off into nationalist rhetoric.

I do have to wonder, though, about Trump's idea of the U.S. and Poland having this close relationship. Pułaski, Kościuszko—two men mainly known around New York City as the namesakes of problematic bridges—and then two centuries of an entire class of jokes mocking Polacks...I have to wonder.

Trump then found his way to Russia to meet in person with President на всю жизнь Vladimir Putin. As journalists were cheerfully herded out of the room Putin asked Trump, "These are the ones that insulted you?" Good joke. Everybody laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains for democracy.

Since there were almost no witnesses we're getting conflicting reports on what went on but Secretary of ExxonMobil.gov Rex Wayne Coburn Eastwood Marvin Tillerson said Russia and the U.S. will be setting up a joint working group on cybersecurity which seems like a capital idea.

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