What The Fuck, America?


Invoking a rule never before used in the history of the existence of the House Intelligence Committee—admittedly it hasn't been around that long—it's younger than I am—Republicans decided to approve the release of a completely pointless memorandum drafted by Rep. Devin Nunes for personal and partisan purposes. No one thinks this memo contains anything real or necessary or even very informative but granny-starver Paul Ryan is willing to lend it credence if it means he can call for a CLEANSING, which doesn't sound at all like something you'd hear from the other side of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, nosiree.

You might recall that Nunes recused himself from the Russia investigation last year due to ethics probes; evidently Nunes didn't really mean to back off and has spent his days trying to make the FBI and CIA and everyone else look bad. That ethics investigation stalled, by the way, because they didn't have access to enough information to continue, which Nunes, of course, chalked up as "exoneration".

Remember: A leak is only bad in proportion to how bad it makes me look.

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