What The Fuck, America?


Seems we keep getting updates on the extent of Russian's election fuckery and every time it gets worse. I feel as if we've officially hit Sphincter Clenching Scary but your mileage may vary. Try going through Politico's Trump-Russia timeline—even ignoring the possibility of Trumpian collusion—and see if you still feel comfortable with the election process in these United States. As if merely hacking the voter rolls and stealing personal data wasn't bad enough.

I've previously covered Republican voting malfeasance—which is nauseating in itself—so to find that the Republicans and the Russians are on the same side is extremely frightening and horrifying. Republicans set themselves up as the party of law, order, good governance, and American pride, but if they can enrich themselves while fucking the entire democracy, oh well.

Democrat Hank Johnson Jr., for his part, introduced the Election Infrastructure and Security Promotion Act, but—possibly because EISPA doesn't spell anything fun—it died in committee. (It's been reintroduced in the latest session.) Asshole Texas Republican John Ratcliffe says in his committee blurb "he is committed to providing solutions that improve and defend U.S Government networks from continuously evolving cyber-threats" but I guess our elections don't count.

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