What The Fuck, America?


It amazes me that evil motherfuckers actually name their evil motherfucking companies transparently evil things like Blackwater and Black Cube. Would it be too hard to simply call your evil business something like Arnold Arnheim Accountants? Sure, it's misleading, but you're evil, isn't that the idea? If you need to be near the front of the Villainous Doings Phonebook call yourself AAA Aardvark Adjustments. Does it really matter?

Anyway, the Guardian broke the story that Trump "aides" hired Black Cube in an attempt to undermine the credibility of some of the Obama administration officials who worked on the Iran nuclear deal. This is some scary shit. Check out the creepy contacts with the guys' wives. This would be pretty bad if it were, say, a couple of asshole "fixers" in the Michael Cohen mold being investigated by assholes higher up the food chain; that this is the United States Executive Branch stalking former employees is beyond chilling and into harrowing. This should be one of the biggest Trump scandals yet. As pointed out on Twitter this is a direct violation of the Logan Act: "Any citizen of the United States...who...directly commences...any correspondence...with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof...to defeat the measures of the United States".

As of this writing the lawlessness continues unabated.

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