What The Fuck, America?


I hope this strip doesn't fall into Poe's Law.

The United States immigration system is a travesty of the values our country purports to stand for. I don't think most people who ask "Why don't they get in line?" have any idea what the real answer to that question looks like. Even people who immigrated twenty years ago have no idea how insane the system's become. Basically, if you don't have a close family member here—close being your spouse, parent, or child, basically—or a sponsoring employer, you're not getting in. Especially if you're from one of the countries we're just not taking immigrants from. Even if you do get on the list to immigrate, you may languish there for years.

And if you do stay illegally, you'll be hounded, forced to live in fear, surrounded by assholes who hate you for no good reason. And if you get caught you may be actively tortured, possibly by a power-mad asshole recently pardoned by Trump. And if you do get deported, the line will be even longer.

And I'm just scratching the surface here. That Trump wants to make all this worse is unconscionable and that any American agrees is abjectly horrible.

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