What The Fuck, America?


In a move that surprised basically everyone, possibly even himself, Trump fired Rex Fido Rover Spot Tillerson this morning, because nothing makes things easier at the negotiating table than appearing to be a massive, fantastically over-armed empire in the chaos of rapid decline. Let me just note up front that the foreign policy of the United States has almost always been terrible, but even amidst that terribleness Tillerson stood out, mainly by failing in every way to get along with the rest of the executive branch and also by attempting to dismantle his agency, even to the extent that Congress itself refused to lower his budget as much as he asked.

Thus it is a wonderful thing that Tillerson is on his ass but, flip side, Mike Pompeo is fucking evil, and so is his successor at the CIA, Gina Haspel, a spook so monstrous even Dianne Feinstein couldn't support her. Well, that was in 2013. Now Feinstein says, "Everything I know is she’s been a good deputy director of the CIA." Don't be too hard on anyone, Dianne, it'd be bad for business.

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