What The Fuck, America?


Trump's administration released its "skinny budget", meaning the basic outline of a budget in advance of a more detailed budget at some later date, although both are probably written in Sharpie on the back of a fucking Mar-a-Lago menu or some nonsense ("Would you like the goat cheese mousse or the moose cheese goat?"). The country, predictably, lost its shit. (I'm going to refrain from linking to the Reason dot com pieces on how stupid the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is and how the Community Development Block Grant program is nothing but corruption and cronyism because you know that's what the Reason people do and I don't feel up to it.) The important things about the budget as far as everyone is concerned are no more Meals on Wheels for Grandma and Grandpa, plenty more money for Boeing and Raytheon and the other war profiteers, and good-bye to the EPA. This also leaves room for contrarians to note that the "skinny budget" is not the real budget and probably won't look much like the real one. And also "Iron Fist" is looking bad.

You're probably wondering how much Tomahawk missles cost. Interesting note: Tomahawks are "all-weather", I guess because the Navy got tired of having to say, "We'd love to blow those people up over there, but we're going to have to wait until it stops raining."

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