What The Fuck, America?


You can parse Jeff's Bullshit Session as not quite being perjury or you can just use common sense and say that any regular person who pulled this crap would be in jail already, but the bottom line is he's unfit for any responsibility requiring more integrity than sorting recyclables next door to the sewage treatment plant. He'll never see a moment's consequence of any of it, though—whether he simply lies about stuff or drops more bombs than the entirety of World War II on a single country—he'll still get to keep the consolation prizes of a D.C. brownstone, penthouse in NYC, ranch in Buttfucke, Alabama, wherever, plus vastly overpriced speaking gigs, consultancies, and all the other perks of being a national level politician which are essentially his entitlements unless, ala Denny Hastert, he's caught in a shady financial transaction after years of diddling young boys. Heck, odds are good Denny will get to keep his lavish lifestyle, too, so long as he stays five hundred feet away from school property. Oh, wait, he wasn't actually convicted of a sex offense.

In any case, Trump's cabinet is full of perjurers. Rex Tillerson and and the rest are like the Gang That Couldn't Answer a Question Straight and it doesn't matter a bit.

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